FuTRES 2021 Workshop - Project Selection Sign-up
We will be able to support three to four projects for the FuTRES 2021 Workshop. Those projects with the most people interested to work on them will be selected. If you sign up to work on a project that is not selected, you will be able to sign up for another project. Everyone will have the opportunity to join a team if they wish. However, everyone may not get their first choice, since we need to ensure that every project has the right mix of people and competencies.

If you would like to work on a project during the FuTRES 2021 Workshop, please complete the short survey below. You should select your top two (2) project preferences. Everyone will be assigned to one (1) team.

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Select two (2) projects that you would like to work on, by checking your first preference and your second preference. (Enter one check mark per column.)
First Project Preference
Second Project Preference
Testing Allometric Methods_delaSancha-and-Balk
Linking Open Data Across Metric Data Repositories and Disciplines_Delsol-et-al
New frontiers and perspectives in studying fossil and extant Equus_Machado-and-Cirilli
Approximating mammal functional trait diversity using body mass_Fraser
Inter-Intra Proposal_McLean
An ecometric exploration of bovid horn core size in modern Africa_Villasenor
Why are you interested in working on the projects you selected? *
What competencies (e.g., knowledge, skills, abilities, expertise, experience) could you contribute to the projects you selected? *
Do you have data to contribute to either or both of the  projects you selected? NOTE: Contributing data to a project is not required.
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If you responded "Yes" or "Maybe" to the question above, please provide additional information about the data.
What roles would you be interested in performing for the project (e.g., data, programming, writing, analyzing, figure making, managing the project)?
Thank you for your responses. We will let you know about project and team decisions via email around late July.
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