WCLL 2022 Season
The WCLL Board is gathering information from teams planning to play in the 2022 season. We understand that due to COVID-19 and different restrictions some school may not know what can or can not be done for the season at this point. Please try and answer the questions below as best as possible.
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School Contact - Name (Example: Sports Club Advisor, School Club Organizer, School Financial Advisor for Clubs/Team, or someone that your team works with that is a school employee) *
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Is your team planning to participate for the 2022 season? *
Is your team a current member of the WCLL? We understand many of the current teams have new people in charge and were not given all of the information from previous players, don't worry if you are unsure in regards to status. *
Does your team have any current restrictions due to covid-19 (travel limits, hosting limits, etc.) *
If you do have restrictions, please list them below.
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