"CoH will never die" vol. 3
This is an application for the 1v1 "CoH will never die" tournament. By filling out this form you will apply to the tournament and enter the contest for actually winning the place in this tournament. CoH legends have a reserved place if they apply while all others will be chosen on 1.11.2017 depending on their current CoH 1v1 leaderboard rank.

If you want to donate for the tournament you have to note in the donation description that the money is for the tournament. That money will be going into a prize pool like the last time. Donation link: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/kaosbeerbot#/

The size of the brackets will be 32.
Follow all updates about the tournament on:
https://www.twitch.tv/kaoscoh - channel feed

Rules and all other info can be also found on those sites. Feel free to suggest changes to rules as you wish.

Please fill in all the data.

Also if you willing to help the tournament grow bigger and better, advertise it so as much people as possible hear about it, support it, and apply to participate.

We have enough coders and casters from the last tournament, if you really want to cast you can always download the replays of the tournament that will be uploaded after every round.

See you in the tournament and good luck :)

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