Puppy Application
If you are interested in a puppy from Walnut Creek, please fill out this puppy inquiry form as a way of introducing yourself to us, giving us information about you before we contact you by telephone. This form also explains what kind of homes we choose to place our puppies in.

Our first priority is that our puppies live full and happy lives in a home with people who love them. We try our best to place puppies only in the most loving and responsible of homes and this inquiry form helps us in that process. Our puppies will always come back to us if they need to be re-homed- or to homes that we have approved who are willing to sign and honor our puppy care contract.

Puppies placed as 'companion only' , will be spayed or neutered and are placed with limited registration. A limited registration only limits the dog from conformation events and breeding- though we strongly encourage obedience training for all of our dogs.
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First and Last Name *
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Which breed of puppy are you interested in? *
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When are you looking to add a puppy to your family?
Name and contact information for your veterinarian - (even if you currently have no pets list the vet you have used in the past if there was a time when you did have pets.)
Have you ever owned a Pug/Cocker Spaniel/Bullmastiff before? If so from who did you purchase your Pug/Cocker Spaniel/Bullmastiff and when? Tell us about him or her. How many years have/did you owned Pug/Cocker Spaniel/Bullmastiff?
Do you have any other dogs and if so, what breeds and ages, neutered or spayed or if not, why not.
Do you have any children? What are their ages?
Why do you want a Pug/Cocker Spanie/Bullmastiffl? Do you want a puppy with show potential or do you want strictly a companion dog? (Our show potential puppies are sold on co-ownerships to prevent irresponsible breeding or change of ownership. All companion puppies are placed on a limited registration and must be spayed or neutered.)
Where would the puppy spend his or her time days/nights? Inside or outside?
Is someone home during the day at your house? Please describe the living situation for the puppy. How many hours daily would the dog be left alone? If no one is at home during the days would you plan for someone to come into your home to let the puppy in and out during the potty training stage? (A Doggy daycare if run properly, can be an excellent choice for working new puppy parents as well.)
Is there a particular sex and/or color of puppy preferred?
Please list THREE personal references (if you already have a veterinarian you can count this as one) with their addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. We need to know what your relationship is to the references and how long they have known you. These personal references will be contacted.
Do you have any specific questions or comments ?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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