Arboretum Scenarios - Input
We hope that you have taken some time to review the February Progress Report that we sent to you last month.  As was mentioned in that report, the Linnaeus Deliberation Circle will present several different scenarios for the Board of Trustees to consider at their May meeting regarding the name of the arboretum. As noted in the Board's charge for the Circle, members are generating creative and thoughtful options about different possible decisions that: 

-address the harmful impacts from Linnaeus' writings about human classification;
-recognize Linnaeus' contributions to science and to the process of scientific methods;
-honor the soil, plants, and animals that live within the spaces of the arboretum;
-tell the story of the College's connection to Sweden;  
-narrate the multifaceted history of this land;
-foster education about the complexity of Linnaeus' legacy. 

We would be grateful for input from the greater Gustavus community. We are interested in hearing from you about constructive ideas that offer ways to engage with Linnaeus' complex legacy. In addition to considering ways forward on the issue of the name of the arboretum itself, possible solutions might also include the Linnaeus bust/statue, how Linnaeus is taught in Gustavus classes, interpretive signage in the arboretum, and other ideas.  What are your creative ideas?  Please share them with us here.
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