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WELCOME! There are a variety of options for Volunteering at Wiles. Please leave your contact information and select any program you would like to support at Wiles this school year. Please leave your Level of Interest and Availability in the "Other Section" and any other information you want us to know. All visitors must Check IN and Check OUT in the front office. The computer check in system will track our volunteer hours, too!

ALL VOLUNTEERS must FILL OUT an Alachua County Volunteer Application Form. You can apply with this link: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MTU3OmVuLVVT

Please contact our Volunteer Chair at WilesPTA.Volunteers@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Homeroom Parent
Volunteer to help support your child's class as homeroom parent. Help with organzing group events like class parties, field trips, teacher appreciation etc.
Art Class Volunteer
Volunteer to help assist in the Art Room and to prepare for the Art Show in the spring
Book Fair
The proceeds from this wonderful fundraiser for the school go directly into our media program.
Box Tops & Labels for Education
Programs for earning money by submitting product labels and box tops. Each Grade Level has their own box top box, which are collected weekly.
Diversity Committee
The Food4Kids Committee helps to organize food donations that are sent home with select children to provide nutrition over the weekend.
Heart to Heart Closet
The Heart to Heart program was developed to help children within the Wiles family. A teacher, recognizing a child's need in his/her classroom can confidentially submit a request for support. Normally, articles of clothing are purchased for that child and any identified siblings. The Uniform Closet needs help with the organization and selling of donated clothing.
Kindergarten & 1st Grade Morning Reader
Come in and read to Kindergarten & First Grade students from 7:20 to 7:40 am
Media Center Volunteer
Volunteer in with duties in the media center
Mentor Reading Program
Volunteer on a daily or weekly basis with appointed students in 1st grade and 3rd grade in Power Reading Program.
This program is available for Wiles faculty members to submit requests for materials needed in their classrooms. Proposals are for items that benefit as many children as possible at some point during their education at Wiles.
PTA Membership Committee
Assist with building PTA membership, welcoming members and overall assistance with distributing membership cards.
Programs Committee
This committee produces fun and informative progrmas that provide interaction and fellowship between parents, teachers, and the Wiles community. We also ensure that our educational programs reflect our concern for the welfare and education of all our children.
Spirit Items and T-Shirts
This committee will assist in distribution of spirit items including magnets, water bottles, and Wiles T-shirts.
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Committee
This active committee recognizes the contributions of our teachers and staff through special events during Appreciation Week and throughout the year.
Vision/Hearing Screening & Flu Mist {October }
Volunteer the Day of the the Health Screening
Ways and Means
The PTA requires funds to advance projects, programs and services. The purpose of this committee is to develop ways to raise these funds. Programs include our Halloween Candy Buy-back, the Fun Run, Art to Remember, and the Family Fun Day!
Wellness & Morning Mile
Our Wellness committe promotes healthy habits and education within our school, including the cultivation of the school garden. The Morning Mile program gives students and their families an opportunity to be active in the morning. Adult supervision is needed to help facilitate the Morning Mile each day before school from 7:15 to 7:45.
Wildcat Dads!
Help to organize and participate with our new group just for dads (or anyone who plays the role of "dad" for a Wiles student). Programs include fun stuff like kickball, our annual Chili Cook-off, and more!
The yearbook is a wonderful way to hold a memory of the year at Wiles. Help to put together a wonderful publication for our students - no experience necessary. Sponsors are always needed to support this endeavor and subsidize cost.
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