NCCC Instructional Classes Survey
We are eager to set up fitness and other instructional classes here at the North Conway Community Center. We are a nonprofit organization, so instructional classes will not only further our mission to provide recreational opportunities for our community, but will also provide a sustainable source of revenue to offset our need to fundraise in order to maintain our building. We are looking to gather your preferences on timing, class content, issues of insurance/liability, certification, marketing, and pricing structure.
When are you generally available for instructional classes? (Check all that apply)
Early Morning
Early afternoon
Late afternoon
What type(s) of classes are you looking to teach?
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Do you have your own liability insurance?
Do you have instructor certification?
If you answered yes, please specify what type of certification(s) you hold or have held:
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What age range are you interested in teaching?
What sort of space would you need for your classes?
How would you prefer to be paid?
How do you think participants will prefer to pay for classes? (You may choose more than one.)
What price range do you believe would be most affordable in this area?
Pay Per Class
Punch Card (10 punches)
Monthly Membership
6 Class Weekly Series
10 Class Weekly Series
How effective do you believe the following types of advertising will be for instructional classes?
Very Effective
Moderately Effective
Moderately Ineffective
Very Ineffective
Facebook Events
Facebook Ads
Email Newsletters
Email Reminders
Paper Flyers: Bulletin boards
Paper Flyers: USPS
Radio Advertisement
Drive Time Interview
Newspaper Advertisement
Newspaper Article
What else do you think we should consider in the process of implementing instructional classes at the North Conway Community Center?
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Who else do you recommend we get in touch with to be an instructor? (Please provide name, class type, and phone/email)
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