Application for the 2017 Warren Fellowship for Future Teachers, May 28 – June 3, 2017
The Warren Fellowship for Future Teachers, supported by The Warren Fellowship Fund, is developing a corps of educators who want to learn how to effectively teach about the Holocaust and other genocides. The fellowship takes place at Holocaust Museum Houston in Houston, Texas. In May, 2013, the Warren Fellowship celebrated its 10th anniversary, hosting an Alumni Institute. 2017 continues the second decade of the Fellowship.

A selection committee will choose pre-service teacher educators, graduate students, and those interested in advocacy who want to learn more about the Holocaust and genocide and how to teach about this history. Those selected will be designated as the 2017 Warren Fellows. The Fellowship also welcomes application for two Faculty Fellows, those who teach content and pedagogy to future educators at the university/college level. Those selected will be designated as 2017 Faculty Fellows of the Warren Fellowship.

Once accepted to this prestigious fellowship, participants attend a six–day institute designed to immerse them in historical and pedagogical issues related to the Holocaust and other genocides. Only those applicants who commit to attending the entire Fellowship will be accepted.

Eminent scholars provide historical and academic content and university and Fellowship faculty and Museum staff provide pedagogical context. During the week, Fellows have the opportunity to meet and work with survivors of the Holocaust. Following the program, Fellows are invited to participate in numerous educational activities and outreach opportunities, including the possibility of study at Yad Vashem in Israel. There are reading requirements before the Fellowship and several tasks to complete during the Fellowship. Students who plan to teach at the university level or those interested in teaching elementary, middle or secondary school art (Visual and Music), English/language arts, history, science, social studies and speech are encouraged to apply for the Warren Fellowship for Future Teachers. We also welcome applicants who are interested in related work in advocacy.

Dr. Mary Lee Webeck
Holocaust Museum Houston
5401 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77004
Phone: 713-527-1623

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Please list the following: A) subject and grade level you wish to teach; B) list three courses you have taken, to date, that you consider to be the most significant to your development as an educator; C) list any courses or study you have done related to the Holocaust, World War II history and/or genocide, if applicable. *
Write and submit a two to three page essay titled: "Why I Would Like to Learn More about the Holocaust." Be sure to include your first and last name on each page. *
Submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who knows you well and who can speak about why you would be a good candidate for the Warren Fellowship. Check one box to indicate how we should expect your recommendation. In either format, the letter must reach Holocaust Museum Houston by Monday, April 3, 2017. *
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