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The CPT Dashboard is my #1 research tool when I'm looking for those good Covered Call and Cash Secured Put trades. I created this 'Dashboard' out of frustration ... see, I PAID for many of the 'groomed lists' and 'secret sauce' those financial 'guru's pitch and found that what I REALLY needed was a RESEARCH TOOL ... hence, the CPT Dashboard was born. My Dashboard keeps EVERYTHING in front of me for finding those good stocks I use for Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts. Download YOUR FREE copy today! ... >>> Look, I'm not gonna pitch ya nothing ... and if you watch my video's you know that I may not be the best options trader BUT I'm someone you can follow and will keep giving you REAL LIFE VIDEO TRADES that you watch and you might find that little bit of information that UP'S your game to make it FLOW LIKE WATER! ... so sign up now to get my FREE CPT Dashboard and hey, if you don't want it or use it DON'T USE IT.. its a spreadsheet ... not software and I DEFINITELY ain't hooking ya into something here ... "Hey, until next time, may all YOUR Covered Calls be profitable"
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