2017-18 Asian English Usage Contest(Elimination Event)
1. Contestants must finish the test designated by the Organizing Committee.
2. If any contestants are found not eligible or let someone else take part in any part of the contest in their own names:
a. their papers shall not be marked; or
b. their results shall not be recognized even if their papers have been marked.
3. The Contest Rules and Regulations are subject to change by the Organizing Committee. Contestants’ objections shall not be considered.
4. No change to contestants’ work is allowed once submitted. No change to the results of each stage of the contest will be made, once released.
5. Personal information given by applicants is for the sole purpose of administration of matters like contest applications and training by the English Association of Asia.
6. Once registered for the contest, contestants shall receive notifications regarding the contest. If contestants (or their parents) do not want to receive such notifications, they should write to us stating such request with the constant’ name. We shall notify the Organizing Committee of the same.
7. Relevant forms and the Contest Schedule are found on our contest official website: www.eaa.edu.hk
8. Release of Results of Elimination Round: 20th October, 2017 – on our website
1. 參賽者必須根據主辦單位要求的試卷作答。
2. 參賽者資格如有不符或冒名頂替者,其試卷不予評審,已評審者成績不予承認。
3. 主辦單位保留參賽規則及各項辦法之修改權利,參賽者不得異議。
4. 呈交試卷後,不作更改;成績公佈後,不得更改。
5. 所有參賽者的個人資料,僅供本學會作處理比賽申請及培訓等事宜之用。
6. 成為本會參賽者後,會收到本會比賽之最新消息及通知。如不想收取有關本會的最新資訊,請連同參賽者姓名郵寄
7. 本比賽辦法及相關表格均登載於比賽網站:www.eaa.edu.hk
8. 入圍結果公佈: 2017年10月20日在網上公佈
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