2019 Wesley Balk Opera/Music-Theater Institute
• Early-bird registration is $1,650 before March 30th.
• Institute tuition is $1,800 after March 30th, but still $1,650 for Minnesota residents.
• Space is limited; participants are accepted in the order received.
• A $200 non-refundable deposit is due with this form. This deposit is returned if the program is full.
• The final registration deadline is May 3rd, 2019.
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If you are registering as a performer, what is your voice type? If you are not a performer, write "Not applicable". *
If you are registering as a director or a coach, please be aware that we will start on Saturday, June 22 (one day earlier than the rest of the group) for orientation and collaborative meetings. *
Do you have any special needs we should be aware of? *
Single-room dormitory accommodations, without meal service, is available on-campus for $55 per night. Would you like us to hold a room for you? *
ALL PARTICIPANTS: Please attach a current resumé in a PDF format. You must be signed in to Google to do this. If you prefer, you may email a PDF directly to balk@nautilusmusictheater.org.
PERFORMERS (Optional): A recent photo is useful but not required. If you would like to upload a JPEG or PDF photo, please attach it here. You must be signed in to Google to do this. If you prefer, you may email a JPEG or PDF directly to balk@nautilusmusictheater.org.
PERFORMERS AND COACHES: To help us cast you in appropriate scenes, please include two contrasting selections in any language in an MP3 audio file format. Label the files “(Your Name)/Balk/ #1” and “(Your Name)/Balk/ #2”. If you prefer, you can email us your audio files to balk@nautilusmusictheater.org. We will also accept a CD; if you are interested in this option, please note below and we will contact you.
Narrative information:
Please describe your artistic goals in attending the Institute. Of all the training programs to choose from, why have you selected our particular program to attend this summer? What do you hope to gain from it? Use as much space as you need to properly describe your goals. *
Please submit a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION (in PDF format) from a colleague with whom you have recently worked-- this might be your voice teacher or a college professor or a stage director or a fellow performer, etc. -- someone who can describe your working process and what they perceive your artistic strengths and weaknesses to be. It should be a true LETTER OF INTRODUCTION, not a regular letter of recommendation. Since we accept everyone on a first-come, first-served basis, this letter will not affect whether or not you get in. But it should provide us with information about you so that we can anticipate how best to serve you. PLEASE BE SURE TO CONVEY THIS DISTINCTION TO WHOMEVER YOU ARE ASKING TO WRITE THIS LETTER.
Your registration will be accepted once you submit this form, and we have received (1) your audio files and resume, and (2) your non-refundable deposit of $200. You may mail a check (payable to "Nautilus") to Nautilus Music-Theater, 308 Prince St #190, St Paul MN 55101. If you prefer, you may pay by credit card over the phone; call us at 651-298-9913 for more information on this option, or we can call you. *
Call us at 651-298-9913 with any questions, or email us at balk@nautilusmusictheater.org. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you this summer!
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