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Last year the auction raised over $25,000 for the Kansas Humane Society! Thank you for making a donation to this year's Woofstock auctions. We also appreciate that you are using the electronic from which makes the auction process more efficient.

Please provide details about your donation ONE item at a time. You can include more than ONE item on this donation form, but each item must be added individually up to a total of 6 items. Please take care to accurately spell out the details below, as this information will be used to recognize your donation. Donations MUST BE RECEIVED at KHS by August 31, 2017 to be recognized in published materials.

Select the submit button to complete your donation pledge for the Woofstock auctions. Upon successful submission you will receive a confirmation screen. If you have any questions please contact the volunteer auction team at Thank you again for your generous support!

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If this donation is being made by a business, please list the business name here. If this is a personal donation please insert "PERSONAL" here.
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Please provide the best email address to use for further communications with the point of contact for this donation.
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Please provide a brief name/description for your donation. (ie Cheif's Tickets for 2).
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Please identify what type of donation you are making. Is it a single physical item (ie a painting) or a grouping of items (ie a fun goody basket which may also include a gift certificate)? Is your donation a single gift certificate? Will you provide the certificate or do you prefer to have KHS create your certificate for you?
Donation Details *
Please provide important details about your donation to encourage bidders to bid on your item. (ie Chiefs tickets are on the 50 yard line of Sunday, November 29th game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and includes parking pass) NOTE: If your item is a gift certificate please provide redemption details here including expiration date!
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Retail Value of Donation *
Please provide the retail value of your donation. A dollar value is required.
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Delivery of Donation to KHS *
If you are able to drop your donated auction item(s) off at KHS or mail your gift certificate to KHS, thank you! IF you need a KHS volunteer to pick up the item from you and deliver to KHS, please let us know.
Delivery Date *
Please provide the date your donated item(s) will be made available. This is the date you plan to deliver your item(s) or mail your gift certificate(s) to KHS, OR the date a KHS volunteer can pick the item(s) up from you. Items MUST BE RECEIVED at KHS by AUGUST 31, 2017 to ensure you and/or your business receive recognition in published materials.
Is your donation complete OR do you have another item to donate? *
IF your donation is complete answer YES and click the NEXT button below. IF your donation is not complete because you have additional items to donate, then answer NO and click the NEXT button below to continue adding items.
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