Early Puppy Reservation Agreement for Bee or Lily’s Litter in 2021
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This agreement is between Serenity Anderson of Raynen Boxers, “Breeder” and the name listed below, “Buyer” to reserve the right to purchase one purebred Boxer puppy. No verbal agreements will be entered into. *
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How it works
The Breeder allows buyers to place a deposit before puppies are born or before Breeder is allowing buyers to select an individual puppy. This deposit places Buyer on a waiting list with other buyers. The buyers on the waiting list select their puppies according to the order deposits are placed.
Selecting a puppy
If submitting an early deposit before puppies arrive fill out this portion with any specifics you desire such as sex or color you’re hoping to purchase.
If submitting an early deposit after puppies arrive but Breeder is not allowing selections yet, you can include the puppy’s name you are most interested in.
If you have a color preference, please list here
If you have a preference to white markings, please list here
Gender preference: *
Costs and deposits
Total cost of each puppy in the Early Reservation program is $1800, including tax. Any puppies not secured by the Early Reservation program will be priced higher.
Early Reservation requires a deposit of $200 (tax included) paid by the Buyer to the Breeder upon or prior to submitting this agreement. This deposit is only refundable if there are not enough healthy puppies to fulfill the waiting list.
An additional payment of $400 (tax included) is due upon selection of your puppy. This payment is only refundable if Breeder revokes sale or your selected puppy’s health declines. Refusal to make this payment is forfeiture of initial deposit.The balance of $1200 (tax included) is due by pickup at 8 weeks of age. Final payment must be made in cash. Personal checks will only be accepted if balance is paid by 6 weeks of age, although pickup time is still 8 weeks of age. Refusal to make this payment by 8 weeks of age is forfeiture of all previous deposits and payments.
Timeline and selecting a puppy
Once the deposit has been made and the puppies are born, the breeder will allow buyers to select their puppy in order the deposits were placed. All selections will be considered pending for 72 hours until the required $400 payment is received by Breeder. If a selection is made with no accompanying $400 payment received by Breeder within 72 hours, the pup will become available to the remaining buyers on the waiting list. Everyone will have received multiple pictures, videos and info since the puppies’ birth that could lead them to making their decision.
All puppies must be chosen by 5 weeks of age to allow Breeder to advertise the remaining puppies to the general public. Refusal to select a puppy and make a $400 payment (in addition to the $200 deposit) by 5 weeks of age is forfeiture of deposit and Early Reservation price.
Refunds and transferring selection
The Early Reservation program requires a $200 deposit that is non-refundable unless specific instances occur. The Early Reservation program also requires a $400 payment upon selection of puppy.
Reasons a deposit or payment would be refunded:
A. Buyer specifically wants a female (or male puppy) and there are no healthy puppies born of that gender. This will constitute a deposit refund and Buyer is no longer obligated to pay any money nor will Buyer receive a puppy.

B. Buyer’s puppy dies for any reason while in Breeder’s care. With all other puppies sold, Breeder cannot revoke reservation from another Buyer. This will result in a refund of Buyer’s deposit (plus additional payment if applicable) and Buyer is no longer obligated to pay any money nor will Buyer receive a puppy.

C. If Buyer marks only one color or white marking preference but there are no puppies available of that color, Buyer may request a refund or choose a puppy of a different color. For instance, if Buyer wants a flashy fawn puppy, but only plain fawns are available, Buyer can request a refund. No refunds will be provided because of undesirable markings. For instance, if a puppy has a crooked stripe on the face but Buyer wants a straight stripe, there will be no refund. Breeder is the sole decider in determining whether a puppy is flashy, plain, reverse brindle or brindle. Deposit refunds based on color and white preferences will be at Breeder’s discretion.

Reasons a deposit would not be refunded:
A. In the instance Buyer has made a deposit but doesn’t want to choose a puppy, or Buyer does not pay the $400 payment due at selection, or Buyer doesn’t like any puppies born to the litter, no refund will be granted and all puppies will be sold to other buyers.

B. Buyer selects a puppy but later decides they do not want to follow through with the purchase for any reason, including failure to make the $400 payment. Any puppy not paid in full by 8 weeks of age will no longer be reserved for the Buyer and will become available to the general public unless other arrangements have been made with Breeder. No refund of deposit or payment would be granted.

If for any reason Buyer’s selected puppy dies while in the care of the Breeder, Buyer is permitted, but not required, to select any other puppy. Buyer’s name will go to the top of the heirarchy to choose any of the available puppies, any puppies already selected by other buyers are off limits. The deposit and this agreement will transfer to the latest puppy selection.

If at any time Buyer has decided they prefer a different puppy rather than their selected puppy, Buyer is permitted to transfer selection to any available puppy after the remaining waiting list has made their selections. This agreement and the deposit would transfer to the latest puppy selection.

Breeder will never revoke a selected puppy from other buyers to fulfill the reservation in this agreement.
Health and guarantees
Breeder has made every effort to provide all buyers with a healthy puppy. Dewclaws will be removed and tails will be docked by a veterinarian at 3-5 days old. Nail trimmings, vaccinations and dewormings will be administered by Breeder at standard intervals. All puppies will be seen by a veterinarian around 7-8 weeks of age for a puppy wellness exam. Puppies can then go to their new homes around 8 weeks of age. Breeder administers the puppies’ first vaccination at 6 weeks of age. Buyer is then responsible for any further care including the necessary 9 week and 12 week vaccinations to give the puppy full protection, and if recommended by Buyer’s vet, a 16 week vaccination as well.

All puppies will sell with a health guarantee which requires an exam by your veterinarian within 3 business days of Buyer taking possession of the puppy. The health guarantee is further detailed in the final sales agreement.
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This contract is designed to protect both the breeder and the buyer. TYPE YOUR NAME AND DATE below, as the equivalent of signing a paper document. The breeder and the buyer agree to all clauses of this contract. *
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