Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020: Nomination Form
Criteria for Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020

• Applicant/Recommended person must be a Pakistani citizen.
• Applicant/Recommended civil servant should be currently involved full time in a government office, agency or department (civil or education).
• Applicant/Recommended civil servant must be in a permanent civil service position. A retired civil servant or a civil servant under temporary contract is not eligible for recommendation.
• Applicant/Recommended person must not be accused of any kind of corruption or abuse of authority by the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) or any other regulatory institution or agency.
• Applicant/Recommended person should have served as a civil servant for at least five years and the person must at least have 5 years remaining before retirement from service.
• Applicants/Recommender must give at least 3 clear reasons why the recommended civil servant is the right candidate for Integrity Icon Pakistan. Similarly, the recommender should include at least three noteworthy/exemplary works accomplished in their professional field (could be a campaigns, leadership position or other pioneering work).

Process and Rules regarding selection process of IIP 2020

1. First, we will examine all received forms to make sure they are properly and clearly filled in.
2. We will determine if each form fulfills the criteria requirements of Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020.
3. We will examine the authenticity of the claims made in the application forms supporting each applicant’s eligibility to apply.
4. We will conduct an investigation into the exemplary works (campaigns, leaderships, pioneer works) claimed by each applicant or recommended person.
5. Further exploration on the exemplary works and practice of the applicant or recommended person will be carried out through interviews with their coworkers, clients and office chief.
6. A thorough study of the applicant’s perspective and actions on accountability, transparency and service towards the nation will be conducted.
7. Upon submitting the collected data and information about the applicants and their noteworthy work to an independent panel of judges, intensive research will take place to make sure the applicant or recommended person has no records of penalization from the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) or any other authority overseeing corruption issues. We will verify that no records of cases have been filed against him/her concerning corruption and misuse of authority.
8. After a detailed study on the collected data and information, the top five civil servants will be selected by the independent panel of judges.
9. We will visit the workplace of the final five nominees and interview their coworkers, clients and the head of the office. After this, we will prepare a short video on each nominee highlighting their work methodology and achievements. We will broadcast these videos on national television and citizens will vote via internet and SMS.
10. The Integrity Icon website and SMS channels will be used for voting. However, the organizing committee of Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020 will not be accountable for any unforeseen technical disturbances in the voting channels.
11. Based on the total number of votes received by each nominee, the candidate with the highest number of votes shall be announced the winner of ‘Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020 in an award ceremony. In the case that the votes received by him/her are found to be suspicious, incorrect or invalid by a joint consensus of both the panel of judges and the organizing committee, we will announce the nominee with the second highest number of votes as the winner.
12. The winner will be required to fill out an agreement form to confirm his/her worthiness to participate in receiving the award.
13. All decisions made by of the panel of judges will be final decision.
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