New Unity Community Survey
New Unity has received a Round One pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a major project to improve the condition of its historic building on Newington Green. As well as the building work, there will also be a programme of events and activities for adults, families, and schools exploring the fascinating stories of people connected with the historic Newington Green meeting house.

Running up until February 2018 a series of pilot events are being put on, along with consultation with the New Unity community, stakeholders and other local people to develop the future programme.

We would be grateful if you can spare the time to provide some feedback to support this development process. This can be made anonymously if you prefer.

Thank you for finding the time.

This survey will close on Friday 3rd November.
If you have any problems please email:

How long have you been part of the New Unity community? *
How regularly do you come to Sunday gatherings?
Where do you live in relation to Newington Green?
Do you currently volunteer for New Unity (if yes please tell us what this involves)? *
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Would you be interested in volunteering your time on the heritage project? Please indicate your levels of interest in different volunteer roles. *
Very interested
Not interested
Archive Volunteer - helping to catalogue New Unity's archive
Guide for Walking Tours around the area
Welcomer - inviting people to look around the building
Building Guide - giving tours of the church
Week Day Evening Event Support (set-up, techinical support, refreshments)
Weekend Event Support (set-up, technical support, refreshments)
Family Event Support (weekends & school holidays)
Helping with School Visits (week days)
When volunteering your time, what is most important to you? (Please select two) *
Are there any skills or expertise you would like to offer to the project?
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The Stories
Which of these themes do you think are important for visitors engaging with New Unity, to hear about? *
Some what
Not really
Not at all
Don't know
Dissenters at Newington Green- 17th century origins of the church & its community.
The building - physical structure over time, why & when it was built, & changes over time.
The community/congregation- significant people in the life of the church & its activites, from 1708 to the present day.
Inspiring thinkers- people famous & influential beyond the local community- Mary Wollstonecraft, Richard Price, Anna Laetitia Barbauld.
Today's church- people, activities, values.
Dissenting ideas through history- for example feminism, anti-slavery, tolerance.
How do you think New Unity should engage other people in the local area with its stories of the past? *
What would you like people outside of the New Unity community to know about its past? *
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What would you like people outside of the New Unity community to know about it today? *
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What type of event/activities are you most interested in attending at New Unity? *
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Do you have any other comments about the project?
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