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This survey looks to get an insight into your understanding of climate change and climate action in the city. As the Manchester Climate Change Agency, we want to help you understand and engage with these issues to determine the best steps forward to tackling climate change as a whole city community. Helping us reach the goal of zero-carbon by 2038.

Climate change is the long-term shift in average weather patterns across the world. Since the mid-1800s, humans have contributed to the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. This causes global temperatures to rise, resulting in long-term changes to the climate (Met Office, 2019).
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Where did you hear about Manchester Climate Change Agency?
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Climate emergency is defined as a public declaration, acknowledging that we have reached climate crisis. Stating that we should be doing more to be carbon-neutral by 2030 rather than 2050, for example reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to ensure the global temperature does not rise by 2 degrees. Knowing this, do you believe we're in a climate emergency?
Do you think the UK and/or Global climate is changing?
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Can you provide an example?
Do you believe human actions play a part in Climate Change?
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How would you rate your own knowledge of Climate Change?
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How concerned about Climate Change are you?
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If you are concerned, what are you most concerned about? (tick your top 3)
Have you taken any action to help reduce your Carbon Footprint or tackle Climate Change ?
Is reducing your own Carbon Footprint and your climate impact a priority for you?
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Are you willing to change your lifestyle to reduce your Carbon Footprint?
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If you answered "no" what's stopping you?
What could help you change your lifestyle to a more climate friendly one?
We can all make small changes that make a difference. Would you change any of the following?
Do you think Manchester is doing enough to combat Climate Change?
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Manchester has an ambition to become a Zero Carbon city by or before 2038. What do you understand by the term "Zero Carbon" city ?
What do you think are the biggest barriers to Manchester becoming Zero Carbon by 2038 or before?
Do you think that acting on Climate Change is your responsibility as an individual, is the responsibility of the biggest energy users like big-business or is the responsibility of Government (local, National or United Nations) (tick as many that apply)
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