2020 HYP Board Application
2020 Board Application Deadline is Friday January 31, 2020. Board on-boarding will be Tuesday February 4, 6:30-8pm.

Click here to see available board opportunities: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ssxnQjL87lL1g5fbzHIznhluFVo3XVrWkBjRd3OeIzc/edit?usp=sharing

Board Responsibilities:
- Attend at least 4 board meetings (Meetings are held Tuesday evenings @ 500 W Ben White every other month)
- Complete the status update google form before each board meeting
- Participate as a named position or as a part of at least one committee of your choice
- Maintain active HYP membership with a $20 monthly donation to Austin Habitat for Humanity, corporate sponsorship, or fundraise $240
- Participate in at least one volunteer event (We have 4-6 Saturday construction days per year or ReStore Volunteering)
- For each public HYP event you plan to attend, personally invite at least two friends
- Be able to speak to affordability issues in Austin and Habitat’s mission
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