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TOEFL scores
For international applicants, provide the students TOEFL scores and their total (or equivalent), or provide evidence they qualify for a waiver of TOEFL scores such as getting an MS degree at an AAU institution.
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MSU Fellowship Nominations
Check all MSU fellowships that you plan to nominate a student for. For the EDS, choose the option depending on if you can provide a 1/4-time RA for one semester.
Computer Science Qualifications *
Choose the best option to describe the student's CS background. A minor or equivalent should be roughly similar to our 200 and 300 level courses.
Computer Science GPA with explanation *
Provide the approximate GPA/numerical average for the student in CS courses (not related math courses) with an explanation for the scale.
Undergraduate (and MS) institution(s) *
Comments on Computer Science Qualifications
Authorship History *
Comments on Authorship History
You may include a description of research experiences that may not have resulted in publications such as REU/SROPs, etc.
Research Area Qualifications and Deficiencies *
Describe why the applicant is well qualified to do research in your area and also address any potential deficiencies the applicant would need to address if admitted to your research group. If there are no deficiencies, please explicitly state this in your answer.
Relevant Work Experience
Evidence of Leadership
This could be in student activities, extracurriculars, research, tutoring or TA
Evidence of Grit
Provide any evidence of the student being able to overcome obstacles (financial, scholarly, social, etc.) which will help the student succeed when things are difficult.
Evidence of contributing to a diverse educational community
Describe how the applicant can contribute to a diverse CSE graduate student community
Other potential advisors in CSE
Why you wish to recruit this applicant *
Provide a summary of why you are interested in recruiting this student. Feel free to refer to some of the aspects covered above.
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