2022 WVAEA Conference Presentation Submission Form
Welcome to the 2022 WVAEA Conference

The WVAEA leadership team welcomes WVAEA members and non-members to submit conference presentations for the 2022 West Virginia Art Education Association Conference, October 21st and 22nd, 2022.  The conference will be held at Davis & Elkins College campus, utilizing its arts facilities such as the computer lab, printmaking room, painting/ drawing room, ceramic room, and other general lectures rooms.  All presentations, either hands-on, demonstration or lecture are 75 minutes.

This conference will be face to face.  Be the first to submit your presentation proposal.  We do not accept duplicate presentation topics. Presentation submission does not guarantee your proposal will be accepted.  The WVAEA Conference committee will choose the proposals as a whole which create the strongest conference in which to strengthen our educate the art education profession.  Presenter is responsible for art materials used for all students but will be reimbursed for all costs after the conference.

The Proposal Deadline is September 1st,  If your presentation has been chose to be part of the conference, you will receive a congratulations email by at least early September 5th, stating the day, time, and room where you are to present at the conference.   The entire conference schedule will be up on a website for all to see.  Be aware that non WVAEA members will pay more to go to the conference.  It is cheaper to become a WVAEA member.  Conference registration will be open closer to the time of the conference.
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