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Section One: Personal Information
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Section Two: Partnership Goals and Aims
What goals are your organization seeking to achieve through a partnership with StartX as a Corporate Innovation department?" *
What are your organization's areas of innovation focus? (e.g. AI, IOT, Medical Devices, Diagnostics) *
In what ways does your organization plan to engage with well-funded market-ready Stanford technology spinouts? *
For each type of engagement, please provide the specific metrics your organization would like to achieve. (e.g. 3 co-development partnerships, $5,000,000 in strategic investment, 1 acquisition annually, etc.) *
Section Three: Organization Structure
Rate, on a scale of 1-5, the following:
My organization has a clear and well-articulated vision for its corporate innovation. *
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My organization has a dedicated team and resources to work with innovative startups. *
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External innovation is a key priority of the top executives within my organization. *
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My organization has successfully partnered with startups in the past. *
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Who does the Corporate Innovation team at your organization report to? *
If your organization does not have a dedicated Corporate Innovation team, make a note of that in the box below.
Section Four: Past Work with Startups
Has your organization engaged with startups in the past? *
If so, in what capacity have you worked with them?
Please list any engagements your organization has with startups that can be publicly shared.
Has your organization worked with tenured Stanford professors & industry experts, serial entrepreneurs in the past?
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Section Five: StartX Community Engagement
StartX values experts who engage in our community beyond the startups with which they sign deals (e.g. by bringing in AI experts, or FDA experts to speak at StartX). What unique educational value will your company bring to the StartX community? *
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