2019-2020 Grady's VIP and Dynamic Training Application Form
Thank you for your interest in our VIP all-inclusive off-season pitching and throwing training program. In this form, you have the option to apply for our off-season training programs including:

1. VIP Velocity and Strength Program (ages 15+)
2. Dynamic Throwing Program (ages 11-14).

In addition, you may select the equipment you will need for the program. Velocity Sports is offering a facility membership opportunity to make sure all players have access to a facility for training outside of training days. The program requires either throwing or lifting 6 days per week and it is important all players have a space at home or a facility to complete the lifting and throwing drills.

Our goal is to provide you with an all-inclusive, high-quality training program that covers the entire off-season time period.

Once you complete the application form we will email you within 24 hours. Upon acceptance, you will receive an invoice. A 20% program deposit is required before the initial screening can be scheduled and the entire balance must be paid in full before scheduling specific training sessions. A major improvement this year is participants can self-select class times and dates based on your schedule. The program balance may be paid anytime prior to October 31st, but those who sign up and complete payment earlier will be able to self-schedule training sessions when scheduling opens on October 1st for VIP and November 1st for Dynamic Training.

Program Options:

1. Dynamic Throwing Program for athletes 11-14 years old. This program begins on December 10th and is 12 weeks long. Players may schedule once or twice per week. The program will focus on developing proper pitching movements and skills along with a strength training program centered around Zach Dechant's program Movement Over Maxes.

2. VIP Base-this 12 week program introduces athletes to the velocity and strength program. The program begins on October 29th. Training is limited to once per week on a day of your choice. An initial movement screening will be performed and players will track data and results using a program booklet. Both pitchers and position players may participate in this program

3. VIP Plus (beginning October 29th)-this is our most comprehensive training program for pitchers to date. In 16 weeks of training, players will participate in a complete throwing and strength program that is driven by data and results. Players will undergo a movement and throwing evaluation both prior to and at the conclusion of the program. The evaluation will identify areas of focus for each athlete to improve during training. Players will track data using Driveline's TRAQ system and the last 4 weeks will include pitching live to hitters Rapsodo and other technology to enhance performance. Players may choose to attend multiple sessions per week.

Learn about our off-season training programs here: gradyspitchingschool.com/off-season-velocity-program1.html

Learn more about VIP training here: gradyspitchingschool.com/2019-velocity-training-program.html

Learn more about Dynamic Training here: gradyspitchingschool.com/2019-dynamic-throwing-program.html
Learn more about our VIP-Velocity Improvement Program and pitching development program
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