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Dear singer,

Thank you for your interest in the award-winning Cuore! We are a Dublin-based auditioned SATB chamber choir and perform a broad range of a capella repertoire.

Cuore rehearse in Dublin city centre on Thursday evenings. Members come from all over Ireland, Europe and beyond and share a love of high quality choral music.

To apply for an audition, please fill out this form. The information gathered is used strictly to assess your application and will not be shared with other organisations or third parties.
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Please select the voice part you are most comfortable singing. You don't need to be a soloist; we look for flexible voices with good intonation and the ability to blend with the choir.
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Cuore rehearse in Dublin city centre on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm-9:15pm, with occasional sectional and weekend rehearsals (usually at most once a term).
Sight-reading *
Please rate your sight-singing ability. Cuore generally rehearse without a piano and the level of musicianship is high.
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Please write a few sentences on your musical background. Do you have any musical qualifications? Did you study voice or an instrument? What groups have you performed with? Prospective members should have choral and/or instrumental experience, and strong sight-singing.
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From a choir member? From a friend? On Sing Ireland or the Journal of Music? On Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? On a noticeboard? Or somewhere else?
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Next steps
Our next auditions are in January 2020. Unfortunately due to the limited number of vacancies, we may not be in a position to audition every applicant. We aim to respond to all applications within a week, but if for some reason you don't hear from us, please feel free to follow up with us by email to

Auditions consist of the following:

1. Singing a prepared piece of your own choosing which demonstrates your voice to best advantage;
2. Sight-singing;
3. Some range and ear tests;
4. A brief chat about your musical background and your motivation for joining Cuore.

Meanwhile, please visit our website and follow @CuoreChoir on social media.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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