Community Service Contract
12.5 Community Service hours will be required per season for all players on Financial Aid.
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Families are required to volunteer 12.5 hours per season (total 25 hours per year). Failure to complete these hours will result in a $10 per hour fee per uncompleted hours. Players will be unable to practice and play until this fee is received. Throughout the year, SAL hosts and partakes in many community service events, which you will be invited to participate in. SAL also holds and participates in many community meetings that you may attend to support SMC FC or San Mateo County Sheriff’s Activities League. The above mentioned are great and easy ways to earn your community service hours. All players and families are welcome to participate in community services outside of SAL. This form must be completed and contact information must be provided. Community service hours earned outside of SAL will not be counted until the site supervisor has been contacted by SAL staff and hours are verified. Any inaccurate or false documentation of hours, site, contact information, etc. will result in immediate club suspension. Hours are due at the end of each season. It is a requirement that in the Fall Season at least 12.5 of the hours be completed, but you can complete all 25 hours in the Fall season. If hours are not completed, you will be billed for uncompleted hours. You will receive notification of submission date throughout the season. Confirming below indicates that you understand the guidelines listed above. *
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