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Calling all people interested to grow food! Please share your interest to grow food this season. We believe that there is great potential to grow more food right here in NW Michigan through our combined individual efforts.

We welcome food plant growers of all identities and abilities - we welcome people without experience growing plants, people who do not have land, and people who may have previously had a hard time gardening for any reason! Land ownership or access is not a requirement as we hope to identify land that can be safely and freely shared.

If you are interested and able to share garden materials and other assistance (namely, seeds, starts, indoor growing supplies, tools, soil amendments, land for gardening etc.). Please respond to our garden asset form form by copying this link into your browser https://bit.ly/gardenassetsNWMI
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More information about these efforts
Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used to connect you to garden resources (both knowledge and materials). Email victorygrowersnwmi@gmail.com to learn more about these efforts.

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