Q4 No Dip Draft War!!
Full Details Online @ is PROUD to present our Q4 2020 event: NO Dip Draft War!!

The rules for the event are simple: You can only attack your same town hall level!
No dipping down! No hitting up!

We will be offering three ten dollar gift cards to three random winners participating in the event!

Dates and timing of the event:
Weekend of 11/13: Signups open
Weekend of 11/27: Signups close
Week of 11/30: Team Leaders picked
Week of 12/7: Live draft
12/10, 12/11: Players move to Clans
12/12: Prep day
12/13: War!!
teamRDYK Clan Name *
Your Player Tag (#XXXXXXX) *
Your In Game Name *
Your Discord Tag (name#xxxx) *
TH Level (Enter a number between 7 and 13) *
Queen Level (Enter a number between 0 and 75) *
King Level (Enter a number between 0 and 75) *
Grand Warden Level (Enter a number between 0 and 50) *
Royal Champion Level (Enter a number between 0 and 20) *
War Weight (Example: 89000) *
To get your war weight, look at your last war base and look at the amount in a gold storage. Multiply it by 5. The other way is to put up a base challenge and have someone look at the amount in your gold storage. Multiple it by 5. These are the two ways.
What's your level of interest? *
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