AlgoSTEM Mind of Gold Individual Competitor Registration

The AlgoSTEM Mind of Gold Tournament is a tournament designed to immerse and expose students from under-resourced schools to the world of higher-level competition math; however, we are also opening up the tournament for any individual to participate in. The tournament consists of a 12-question test to be solved in 25 minutes. The competition is scheduled to be held on April 4, 2023.

The due date for registration is April 1.

If Taken individually, the competition will be self-proctored and can be taken online at any time through the AlgoSTEM testing portal within the 24-hour day on April 4. More information regarding the portal and testing will be released to interested competitors:

1st Prize: $100 + Wolfram Tech + Jane Street Shirt

2nd Prize: $25 + Wolfram Tech + Jane Street Shirt

3rd Prize: $15 + Wolfram Tech + Jane Street Shirt

4th Prize: Wolfram Tech + Jane Street Shirt

5th Prize: Wolfram Tech + Jane Street Shirt

Women's 1st Prize: $25 + Wolfram Tech

Women's 2nd Prize: $25 + Wolfram Tech

Women's 3rd Prize: Wolfram Tech

Women's 4th Prize: Wolfram Tech

Women's 5th Prize: Wolfram Tech

More information will be released to final competitors before the tournament begins.

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