Altai Grade 8 Discovery Week 2019
Discovery Week: 8-14 September 2019

Please fill the boxes below to sign up for Grade 8 Discovery Week trip to Altai.
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The Penguin Life office maintains a centralized database of each student’s passport and Russian visa. If you have NOT provided a copy for this storage system OR if your child’s passport and/or Russian visa has recently changed or changes over the summer, please send a photocopy of each to Penguin Life office ( no later than August 23, 2019. In case you have any inquiries regarding passport/visa information, please contact the Penguin Life office at +7 495- 231-1061.

If you have any questions please contact Noah Bohnen, Middle School Principal, at +7 495 231 4483 ( or Elena Plyuta, Activities Coordinator, at +7 495 231-1061 (

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Payment and Cancellation policy
Electronic registration is binding – submitting registration confirms that you will make payment for the trip.

Payment invoices will be sent home with students in August. Cost of the trip should be paid in full according to the invoice stated deadline. All payments must be made to the school cashier (Administrative office) in cash or check payable to the Anglo-American School of Moscow, or with bank transfer using payment details printed on the invoice.

If a student is excluded from the trip due school disciplinary reasons, or withdraws for personal reasons, the cost of the trip will be refunded in line with partnering organizations regulations. Cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
For more information about payment please refer to Grade 8 Discovery Week information document posted on the website:

I have carefully read and understood payment and cancellation policy *
Liability Release Waiver
Having read the itinerary for the trip I understand that certain risks are inherent to travel and activities that my child will participate in.These risks include, but are not limited to injury, disease or other threat of physical harm, loss of personal property or other unforeseen risks.
I understand and agree that AAS does not provide insurance to cover expenses for trip cancellation or for damage to any personal property. These costs are the sole responsibility of parents.
I understand and agree that the AAS medical insurance provided as primary insurance on this trip does not cover medicines or possible sundry materials. Those are the responsibility of parents.
I fully release and discharge AAS employees, teachers, staff and administration, from all liability in connection with my child participation on this trip.
I have carefully read this waiver of Liability Release, understood it and sign voluntarily *
Personal Data Use consent
I understand that data relating to registration with AAS Penguin Life programs has the potential to identify certain sensitive personal characteristics. I confirm that I consent (and have authority to consent on behalf of my student) to AAS Penguin Life office collecting, processing and transferring data relating to my child participation to third-parties as may be necessary in order to organize student travel and/or accommodation.
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