We need your help choosing our new name.
We would like your support in selecting a new name for the organization. Below are five naming options that represent the diversity of the work we do together and our global focus. The names have been created to convey our purpose and capture our spirit.
With each, is the story behind the name and a brief description of how it connects with us and our work together.

Read through the options below and then click next down the bottom to let us know what you think.
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There’s no better time than right now.

At Ahora, we don’t believe in waiting around for change. Now is the time to come together and stand up for human rights and the environment.

The name reflects the importance of acting with urgency to disrupt the power of big corporations.

Ahora means ‘now’ in Spanish.

We’re tired of the incessant stream of corporate practices that devastate our world.

At Basta our global movement stops at nothing to hold power to account.

We campaign, disrupt and lobby for change.

The name captures the fearless spirit and no-nonsense approach of our organization when holding corporations to account and combating injustice.

Basta means ‘Enough!’ in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Corsican.

At Ekō, we believe that every action matters.

Together, our global movement can make a difference that reverberates around the world.

The name reflects our collective power to spread the most important messages far and wide.

Ekō comes from the phonetic spelling of ‘echo’ which means a sound that continues after the original has stopped, in a variety of languages including English, Italian, Japanese, and Zulu. It also has close links with the word ‘eco’, short for ‘ecology’, which relates to the environment.

At Rise, we believe in the power of togetherness.

We know that when our community unites to demand change, as a global movement, it happens. We rise up together.

The name reflects our desire to stand up for what we believe in. It highlights direct activism and our collective determination to champion a better future.

‘Rise’ means to elevate or go above in English.

For too long, profits have been prioritized at the expense of the world.

At Tilt, we counterbalance those unjust corporate practices and shift the focus onto people, the planet and justice.

The name focuses on our desire to tip the scales in favor of people rather than profit and our commitment to counterbalance profit-driven behavior.

‘Tilt’ means causing a shift in English.
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