Full Venture Café Cambridge 2019 Year-End Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our full year-end survey. The survey consists of about 35 questions and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The goal of the survey is to improve the quality of Venture Café Cambridge. We take your feedback seriously and will incorporate it into planning for 2020.

At the conclusion of the survey, please enter your email address if you would like to participate in a small focus group
Section I: Information and Knowledge
Where do you get information about Venture Café Cambridge BEFORE attending, if anywhere? Select all that apply.
How often do you read the Venture Café Cambridge emails?
Every time
How helpful are the Venture Café Cambridge emails?
Not helpful at all
Very helpful
What, if anything, can we do to improve the Venture Café Cambridge emails?
Your answer
How often do you know what sessions are offered at Venture Café Cambridge BEFORE attending?
All the time
How important, if at all, are the weekly educational sessions at Venture Café Cambridge to you?
Not important at all
Very important
When you can attend Venture Café Cambridge, what is the most important reason why you attend?
How helpful, if at all, are the nightly announcements?
Not helpful at all
Very helpful
Which of the following Venture Café Foundation sites have you visited, if any?
Before this survey, did you know the Venture Café Foundation operates District Hall, the Roxbury Innovation Center, and Starthub.com in addition to Venture Café Cambridge?
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