Tayport Carbon Conversations: interest survey
Many Tayport residents are very concerned about climate change and would like to take practical steps to reduce their household's contributions to it. In response to this concern, at the Tayport Community Garden (www.tayportgarden.org) we have been working to help reduce Tayport's carbon footprint through growing more food locally. This work has been made possible with funding from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund, and with wonderful support from our volunteers and wider Tayport community.

It can be very hard to get going not least because the climate change is daunting and it is hard to know where to start. But each one of us can make a big difference. We believe that working in a group can help everyone make a good start.

This year we would like to offer a new programme of free Carbon Conversations, which have been shown to effectively help individual households in reducing their overall carbon footprint. You can register your interest using this survey form.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

P.L.A.N.T. Committee

What are Carbon Conversations?
Carbon Conversations is a set of six friendly and practical meetings to help explore ways to reduce household carbon emissions. Sessions run in groups of 6-10 people, and participants work at halving their personal carbon footprint.

Groups meet weekly with trained facilitators to create a non-judgmental atmosphere where people are encouraged and supported to make serious lifestyle changes. Sessions are supplemented by games, discussion and tasks, all over lots of tea and biscuits. You can watch the video below for a better idea of what's involved.

Carbon Conversations in 3 minutes (click to play)
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