OOTI- Bio for the Program

Please write a short bio for the program using the form below. Remember that all of our audience members will be able to read this in our program.
***Crew Chiefs, Stage Managers, and Lighting Assistant should also write a bio.

Include any of the information below that you would like to share with our audience. You do not need to answer all points.
1. Your age
2. Grade in school
3. Experience in theatre: dance, music, and acting
4. Extracurricular Activities/Sports
6. Favorite hobbies/past times
7. Special thanks

Please use full sentences and remember to write about yourself in the third person, i.e. as if someone else is writing about you. (Ex: Mrs. Valencia loves to sing. She is excited to be directing Once on This Island.) Try not to use abbreviated 'text speak'.

**Know that bios MAY be edited for spelling and/or content.

***There is a 400 character limit to your bio. If it doesn't work, this is usually why.

If you have any further questions, I can be reached at dvalencia@wayneschools.com or awmsdrama@gmail.com

~Mrs. Valencia

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