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SPs use this form to order packs and other products from CAI
1.1 Organization name *
Your organization's name. If you are a Sales Partner - use that name.
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1.4 Your order *
Specify which product and the quantity you need (usually in boxes). Use a separate line for each product: Color Accounting Packs v5 (10 per box) | BaSIS Box Education Packs (10 per box) | ZA Student Workbooks (35 per box) | BaSIS Framework Posters | Other? (please specify)
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1.5 Delivery date *
Let us know when you need your order and whether it is urgent. Urgent shipments are charged at a higher rate to recover the higher courier costs.
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This must be a physical street address for shipping the products and cannot be a post box or similar.
2.1 Organization name *
The name of the business or school where the products are to be shipped.
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2.2 Contact name *
The name of the person receiving the shipment
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2.3 Contact phone number *
For courier to make contact if needed
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2.4 Contact email address *
For additional contact and shipping notifications
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2.5 Address 1 *
This will be the street number and name
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2.6 Address 2
This will be additional info such as unit number or suite or floor
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2.8 State / region / province
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2.9 Postal zip code *
This is very important
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2.10 Quote needed?
If you would like us to provide you with a quote before the order is finalized, let us know.
If you have any comments that may affect your invoice, or shipping, please not them here.
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