Creativity Assessment
Here are the three problems used by Taylor, et al. (1958), to assess the creativity of Yale University undergraduates. The study compared the creative solutions formed by groups of four to nominal groups of four individuals, whose answers were then pooled. If you'd like to realistically simulate the conditions of the experiment, take 20 minutes to answer each of the three questions, making sure to number your individual solutions clearly.
Tourist Problem *
"Each year a great many American tourists go to visit Europe. But now suppose that our country wished to get many more European tourists to come to visit America during their vacations. What steps can you suggest that would get more European tourists to come to this country?" (Taylor 1958)
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Thumb Problem *
"We don't think this is very likely to happen, but imagine for a moment what would happen if everyone born after 1960 had an extra thumb on each hand. This extra thumb will be built just as the present one is, but located on the other side of the hand. It faces inward, so that it can press against the fingers, just as the regular thumb does now.... Now the question is: What practical benefits or difficulties will arise when people start having this extra thumb?" (Taylor 1958)
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Teacher Problem *
"Because of the rapidly increasing birth rate beginning in the 1940s, it is now clear that by 1970 public school enrollment will be very much greater than it is today. In fact, it has been estimated that if the student-teacher ratio were to be maintained at what it is today, 50 per cent of all individuals graduating from college would have to be induced to enter teaching. What different steps might be taken to insure that schools will continue to provide instruction at least equal in effectiveness to that now provided?" (Taylor 1958)
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