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Active Minds at De Anza is closely associated with Active Minds, a non-profit organization that supports mental health awareness and education for students in over 550 colleges and high schools. At our chapter, we strive to create a safe space for our community to speak up about their struggles with mental health, in order to destigmatize mental health. We are dedicated to promoting the well-being of our students through education, research, and advocacy.

Our chapter consists of 3 main types of involvements, and members/participants are free to be involved in as little or as much as they wish! Our main purpose is to improve mental health for our community, therefore there are no strict requirements in participation. Filling out this form means you will receive our chapter emails. Feel free to only take what resonates with you!

1. Projects (ex. Campus Policy Change, VAR)
2. Events (ex. speakers, panels, collaboration with other organizations)
3. Activities (ex. hiking, yoga, movies, games, art)

Get involved!

The various projects, events, and activities that you could look forward to
this Fall 2021 quarter includes:

- Stress-relieving and self care activities
- Mental health advocacy projects
- Speaker events and collaborations with external organizations
- Planning for the Active Mind's 2022 National Conference
- Internship and volunteer opportunities
Our Movement
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If you selected, "none of the options apply, but I would still like to participate," we will not be able to recognize you as an official member. However, we would still love to have you involved at our chapter!
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Our first chapter meeting will be on Friday, October 22th (time TBD)!
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Committees may be based upon a variety of topics/projects related to mental health advocacy, research, or education (ex. Campus Policy Changes, V.A.R, etc). As long as there is a group interested in a common topic a committee may be formed upon approval by officers! Each committee will have one to two Project Lead(s), voted on by a majority vote of current officers. Each project group is required to meet at least once on a bi-weekly basis. Project Lead(s) are required to attend officers meetings to report on progress on a bi-weekly basis, and members are allowed to join multiple committees!
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