St. Yared Sunday School Curriculum Children’s Survey
Topic: Modern Issues that Our Children Face

Note: This survey will have a huge impact on how we design and shape the new St. Yared Sunday
School Curriculum. So please be as honest and open as possible

What age group are you in? (Check one or more)
What issues do you face at school, extracurricular activities, or home that could possibly be addressed by the St. Yared Sunday School lesson? How are you dealing with the issues that you are facing and what is your greatest concern with them? How can we help?
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How often do you come to church?
What services or activities could the Church and/or the Sunday School provide you to grow spiritually and learn more about the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church?
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What do you do while attending Kidassie (Divine Liturgy)? Please be honest.
What is your involvement in the Church? (Choir, Deacon, Volunteer, Church Member, or N/A)
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Do you believe that the Church has a good handle on the modern issues that young adults and children are facing? Please explain.
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For those of you who are 16 years old or older and have been raised in the United States, what are the services, programs or activities that the Church and/or Sunday School could provide to help you come to Church more often?
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Any Additional Comments/Suggestions/Questions can be freely made below.
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