Manchester Jewish Community Awards 2019
Nominate someone who has inspired you!

Please choose from these categories:
■ Volunteer of the Year
■ Communal Employee of the Year
■ Volunteer Team of the Year
■ Lifetime Achievement
■ Young Volunteer of the Year (Under 18)
■ Young Volunteer of the Year (18-25)
■ Building Bridges (Individual)
■ Building Bridges (Organisation)
■ Friend of the Community
■ Special Recognition

Please scroll down for the nomination criteria, after which is an online nomination form.

The Manchester Jewish Community Awards 2019 will be presented at a special ceremony on the evening of Tuesday, December 3rd 2019, at a venue in North Manchester to be confirmed. The closing date for nominations is Friday 11th October.

■ Who can be nominated?
Any individual, team or organisation who/which meets the criteria in one of the categories above.

■ Who can nominate?
Any member of the community. However, no more than THREE nominations in each category can be accepted from one person or organisation.

■ What are the judging panel looking for?
Nominees with the following key attributes, which will be considered when choosing the winners:
• They are valued by beneficiaries.
• They exceed expectations of their role.
• They demonstrate clear achievements and outstanding performance.
• They demonstrate a clear commitment to the Jewish community in their daily work.
• They are an inspiration to others.

Nomination Criteria

■ Volunteer of the Year Award
This award recognises an individual who is actively involved and has made an outstanding contribution to the Jewish Voluntary sector with one or more organisations or individuals, and is an inspiration not only to the volunteers that they work with but to their peers and service users. We are looking for an individual who is an ‘unsung hero/heroine’, who volunteers their time and commitment willingly to a charity or charities, or to individuals who might simply need a helping hand.

■ Communal Employee of the Year Award
This award recognises an outstanding employee who is an inspiration to colleagues. Someone who goes beyond the terms of their job description in the delivery of services to beneficiaries. The individual must have made a significant impact and demonstrated clear achievements.

■ Volunteer Team of the Year Award
This award recognises a team’s volunteering effort working on behalf of and/or within one organisation. We are looking for a group that has demonstrated good teamwork, which works together to fulfil the aims of the organisation and their specific role.

■ Lifetime Achievement Award
This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding and lasting contribution to the Jewish community, and is still actively involved. The award is for an individual who has, over a sustained period of time, shaped the communal sector through their actions, leadership or intellect. The individual must have had a significant impact and demonstrated a long-term commitment for 40 years or longer.

■ The Young Volunteer of the Year Awards:
(1) Under 18 year olds
(2) 18-25 year olds
There are two Young Volunteer of the Year awards; one for each age category. Each one recognises a young individual who is not only actively involved in the voluntary sector, but who has also excelled in a leadership role. We are looking for young people who have demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities as part of their involvement in the Jewish voluntary sector, inspiring their peers and acting as a role model for other young people involved in volunteering.

■ The Building Bridges Awards:
There are also two Building Bridges Awards.
One recognises an individual and the other, an organisation, who/which has built bridges between the Manchester Jewish Community and other faith communities - or, who/which has undertaken inter-community work to bring different strands of the Manchester Jewish community together. These awards may be for building a project, which removes barriers and encourages mutual understanding; for facilitating dialogue and cultural exchange; for social action activities; or for supporting an interfaith initiative.

■ Friend of the Community Award
This award recognises an individual who has helped or supported the community in an exceptional manner but who is not themselves a member of the Jewish faith. Nominees should be understanding and appreciative of the needs of Jewish institutions, organisations and individuals. They should also recognise the value that the Jewish community adds to wider British society and play an important role as a supporter and an advocate of all it has to offer.

■ Special Recognition Award
This award recognises an individual, group or organisation, which might not qualify for any other category but who/which deserves special recognition for an outstanding contribution to the Jewish community.

■ Please note that the closing date for receipt of nominations is Friday 11th October.

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