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Get to know the new portal
You'll find the answers to following questions on Mr. Duffy's portal. Click around, explore, and learn something new. Then prove that you learned it!
Where did Mr. Duffy go to college?
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In what state was Mr. Duffy born?
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Who said: "If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old."?
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Where will you find assignments for a specific class day?
When you are absent, what should you do?
Imagine that you are sick and miss class. What should you do?
Tell me about you
Answer the follow questions to help me get to know you better and to better inform my teaching.
Do you have a smartphone?
Do you have a Twitter account?
What are your plans for after graduation?
If you are planning on going to college, where have you applied?
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What do you plan to study in college?
Feel free to list more than one.
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If you are planning on entering the work force, what do you hope to be doing?
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If you plan on joining the military service, what branch do you plan to join?
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Have you lived somewhere else other than Central Ohio?
If yes, tell me where.
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Where have you traveled?
Both locally and globally.
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What are some of your interests and hobbies?
The more you tell me here, the more I can attempt to incorporate into our lessons.
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Tell me something about yourself that I don't know.
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What are your hopes and expectations for the second half of this class?
What do you hope to learn about? What skills do you hope to develop?
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What expectations do you have for yourself during the second half of this class?
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