Stakeholders Input on Student Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's)are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do or be able to demonstrate when they have completed or participated in a Course or Program at CHS. SLO's specify an action by the student that must be observable, measurable and able to be demonstrated. At Canyon High School, we currently have seven SLOs; these were developed more than six years ago then updated to align with Common Core State Standards approximately four years ago.

We are currently in a Self-Study Cycle in our WASC Accreditation. We are taking this opportunity to review our SLOs and make sure they are still relevant and measurable. We see value in refining the original seven SLOs to three or four SLOs.

Our CHS Staff has already started the process of refining. The statements you read below are the result of staff collaboration.

Thank you for your time and your responses. We would love to have you participate in our WASC Accreditation process. Please join us for our Parent Meeting on Sunday, March 1, 2020, at 4:30 pm in the Canyon Library. This is the WASC teams first impression of Canyon High School and we would love to have you join us.
Please rank each statement as you consider the desired Student Learner Outcomes for future Canyon Graduates.
Extremely Important
Moderately Important
Slightly Important
Not Important at all
Critical thinkers who ask essential questions, analyze multiple sources, and weigh critical evidence.
Creative problem solvers who approach challenges with perseverance and collaborative mindsets.
Academically competent individuals who—whether arguing claims from evidence or constructing solutions to problems—obtain, evaluate, and communicate information efficiently and effectively.
Life-long learners prepared for a variety of post-secondary learning and working environments.
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