Nationals 2017 Team Registration
This form will register your team for Nationals 2017 at UK, and let us get estimates for our budget. Teams that do not register cannot participate in Nationals.

Contact Zigmas or Felix if you have any questions.

DEADLINE: 2017-03-01 *because of the need to order shirts

Name of Contact
For administrative purposes
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Contact's Phone
In case we need to text to get some quick clarifications.
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Contact's Email
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Team Info
We'll need this information to make estimates for shirt and food orders.
What team are you registering?
Choose from the list below:
How many rostered players are estimated?
We'll be contacting for rosters later as we approach the event.
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What shirt sizes and how much of each size?
Do not exceed 20 shirts, order extras in the next section. Please include details for sizes (S, M, L, XL) and how many of each size. Sizes 2XL and 3XL will have a $2 surcharge per item.
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How many extra event shirts would do you need to order?
20 Event Shirts are included for each team. Extras can be purchased by the team for $10 per shirt. Please include details for sizes and the amount of each.
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We need your two preferred opponents to play on Saturday. The NCDA Constitution " Non-Bracket Format" covers how Saturday play is handled.

Need help picking opponents? Teams looking for boosts may want to pick similarly ranked or stronger opponents. But make it fun, request who you think would be cool to play. Just a suggestion. It's your choice. Zig can answer questions.

For Saturday play, name your 1st preferred opponent:
For Saturday play, name your 2nd preferred opponent:
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