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Thank you for your interest in Snowflake User Groups! Complete this form if you would like to request a new Snowflake User Group Chapter, or get involved in an existing chapter. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate every request.

Snowflake User Groups are organized and run by technical members of Snowflake's Data Hero Community. If your new chapter request is accepted, the Snowflake Community team can assist with publishing registration pages, ordering catering, booking venues, sourcing speakers, and sharing best practices.

Please email with any questions!
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If you selected an existing Special Interest Group, which chapter would you like to get involved in?
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If you selected an existing local chapter, which chapter would you like to get involved in?
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Do you have someone in mind to be the Chapter Leader for this group? You may nominate a someone else or volunteer yourself. *
Chapter Leaders help connect people in smaller user groups, based on geographic location or a shared interest. As a Chapter Leader, you’ll coordinate in-person and virtual meetup events once per quarter for your group, and be the point person for the Snowflake Community team. Chapter Leaders are a prerequisite to establishing a new user group chapter, so your request is more likely to be accepted if a Chapter Leader is already confirmed. *Please note that Snowflake employees cannot serve as chapter leaders*
If you answered yes on the previous question, please share the Chapter Leader's name and email address.
This can be you or someone in your network, but please make sure they're aware of the nomination.
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