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Plant has the most essential and multiple healing properties for human. The essence of the plants is very concentrated and effective with just a little amount. Aromatherapy is the the holistic approach using the plant oils and extracts to balance our body, mind and spirit, as any imbalance in these three levels may cause us ‘dis-ease’. Aromatherapy is also a preventive way to maintain health. The power of scents can reach directly to our emotional center in our brain that is the reason why it has a strong impact on our mood and emotional state. In the session, there is a detail consultation for the first time, then you will choose the suitable oils by smelling or muscle testing. understand what you would like to achieve I will apply different massage techniques in 90-min full body massage. You will receive your personal oil blend for home treatment. I also make plant-based products, like facial oil, body oil, balm, cream, bath salt, etc.., all depends on your needs.

BOWEN THERAPY (DO NOT accept new clients temporarily)
A non-invasive hands-on technique involves gentle rolling motions along the muscles, tendons, and fascia. By releasing stress at a very deep level, via its calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System, Bowen sets the scene for the body to heal itself. In contrast to many other hands-on therapies, Bowen does not attempt to force the body to change; rather it asks the body to recognize and make the changes necessary to bring it back to homoeostasis (physiological equilibrium). A Bowen session includes a consultation, physical assessment and the treatment, it takes around 60 mins each time. I usually see the client three times initially to address the presented problem. The recipients could feel deeply relaxed, feel the body more upright and balanced, tension points releasing, the pain much less or gone completely, energy/Qi(the vital force) flowing fluidly, more & more..
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Make an appointment 預約服務
After filled in the form, Sabine will contact you to confirm the appointment and make a simple consultation with you.
Extra travel fee will be charged for Door-to-Door Service.

- Aromatherapy Massage Therapy 香薰按摩治療
90 mins full-body massage per session 全身按摩 + Consultation 諮詢

*Pregnancy massage is also available upon request, from 15 weeks up to 40 weeks.
$900/60 mins

- Bowen Therapy 保雲療法 (DO NOT accept new clients temporarily)
around 60 mins per session + consultation 諮詢

Home visit is available, an additional charge will apply.

- Custom-made other Herbal/Aromatherapy Product 個人調配香薰治療産品 (Online Consultation 線上諮詢)
Custom-made herbal product for hair, face and body, All ingredients are natural plant based.
Consultation Fee 諮詢費用$100 + Product Price 產品費用
Price will vary depend on the products, please contact Sabine for detail.
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About Sabine Lau
About Sabine Lau
A holistic therapist cares about your physical and mental health.
Professional Aromatherapist of IFPA(UK) and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist of NAHA(US), Bowen Therapist of BTPA(UK), Infant Massage Instructor of IAIM(Sweden) and founder of an aromatherapy brand “芳癒” (Fong Yu, heal with aroma). Due to veganism and loving to nature, Sabine has always been close to plants since teenage. The idea of healing by the natural remedies promoted her to go for the path of learning aromatherapy and becoming a therapist, and discovered that through nurturing massage human can benefit from pain relief, as well as emotion relief, and the most important - to recover the power of self-heal. The treatment given by Sabine includes the combination of different hands-on techniques and therapeutic plant oils for your unique needs. Sabine is focusing on therapy and tailor-made plant-based products, also keen on sharing the knowledge and provide professional training to spread out the benefits of Aromatherapy.

Tel: 6081 2696
Email: oneness.om.shanti@gmail.com
Facebook: 芳癒 - Holistic Aromatherapy & Bodywork
Instagram: plantbased_sabine
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