Party at the New Parkway Request Form
The New Parkway is happy to consider helping you host a party in our theater.  Please complete the form below and you will then be contacted by a New Parkway staffer once a decision is made.  Please note the following important pieces:
1) all of these special parties will happen on Sunday nights, starting sometime between 8:30 and 9:30PM (we give you the exact time only five days beforehand).  We'll let you know at least 2-3 weeks in advance if you've been selected.
2) if your proposal is selected, you will need to pre-pay for the proposed number of people coming to your party ($10 each) within five days.  Please know that you'll need to have AT LEAST 40 people for us to cover the licensing fees for the movie, so think big!
3) please remember that all of these parties are open to the public and we expect that other patrons will come, especially if they get to sing happy birthday to you and enjoy a tiny slice of cake
4) we'll make a cake for you, but it won't be anything extravagant and likely won't feed everyone in attendance.  It's more of a symbolic cake

So with those notes, in place, here goes...
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On which Sunday night would you like to have your party? *
The party will start sometime in the 9 o'clock hour, give or take, and must be at least three weeks away (if this is a kids party which you'd like to have start at around 3pm, please note that)
How many guests will you guarantee to be there? *
If your proposal is accepted, you'll need to pre-purchase their tickets at $10 each
What are possible movies which you'd like to show (include at least three as licensing can be tricky)? *
Only include titles that you're happy to have screened as the New Parkway will have the final say on the movie choice
Tell us a bit about your party...what will you be celebrating?  Tell us about the group of the people who would be joining you and why you're all so frickin' special that we'd want to throw a party for you at the New Parkway *
we like lavish, creative answers here!
Do you agree to the conditions/terms listed above? *
Please reread the items above and know that your $400 payment is non-refundable!
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