Application Form for Event Funding
Council of University Classics Departments Education Committee

By submitting this form, you confirm that your event meets the criteria outlined in the information on the website.

Please contact Joanna Paul, the Chair of the CUCD Education Committee, with any questions. (
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Name of the event *
Please provide the title of your event or conference.
Date of the event
This should usually be at least two months after the application deadline, although if you are planning an event that will take place sooner, please discuss with the chair of the Education Committee before submitting an application.
Name and email address of event coordinator *
This is the main point of contact for your event. Please make sure you enter an email address for this person, not a postal address.
Expected level of attendance
We understand that this is an estimate, and that in-person event attendance may be small, but please try to provide a realistic forecast. Note that if results of pedagogy events are disseminated effectively they can still be useful. We are happy to help publicise events.
How much are you applying for? *
The maximum amount available for a single event is £500, but we are very happy to receive applications for smaller amounts, e.g. to support pedagogical panels at research conferences.
What will the money fund? *
Please give a brief indication of your proposed expenditure here.
How will your event contribute to the improvement of higher education pedagogy in the delivery of Classical Studies in the UK? *
Please explain briefly the rationale for your event here. If you wish to provide further information about your event (e.g. a conference programme), please email separately to
How do you plan to disseminate the results of the event?
Please indicate briefly how you plan to communicate the findings of your event to those unable to attend. Organisers will be asked to provide a report on the event for the CUCD Bulletin, but additional ideas for dissemination are encouraged.
If successful, to whom should the cheque be made payable?
Please supply the bank account name. This must be an institution. We do not make grant cheques payable to individuals. The organiser should have the support of an academic department which can process the financial transactions.
Please provide a postal address to where the cheque can be sent.
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