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Interested in playing at Battle of the Bands? This year, the event will be the evening of February 26 in Lobdell Dining Hall (W20 Student Center, 2nd floor). The winning band(s) will be offered a chance to perform live during the annual GSC Acoustic BBQ (with compensation), in addition to the usual bragging rights. Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest.

Note that all bands/acts must have at least 1 MIT graduate student as a current member in order to signup.

UPDATE: Please signup by Feb 12.

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What instruments and/or AV equipment do you need us to provide? *
Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide the needed equipment, we will do our best.
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Please also indicate whether you are willing to share some of the equipment with other bands/acts, and if so, which pieces of equipment.
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Do you have demos or samples of your music available online (e.g. on Soundcloud, Youtube, a personal/band webpage, etc.)? *
If so, please give the link(s) below. If not, please email with a sample of your music.
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