Blockchain Fundamentals HW 1
DUE: Saturday, February 17th at 11:59pm.

Homework 1: Provide a creative answer to one of the following questions (200 words minimum). Do both if you’re feeling extra creative! If you submit more than one, we will choose the highest score for your grade. If you have any questions, feel free to post in Piazza!

[Prompt 1] Brian and Gillian want to play rock, paper, scissors over text. However, for each round, they cannot just send their play because the other person could easily cheat by waiting for the other person’s play and sending a stronger one. Devise a commitment scheme to help Brian and Gillian send and commit to their plays whenever they want, but not reveal them until it’s time to determine who won the round. Why does your solution work; can someone cheat? (Hint: use cryptographic hash functions; it may be helpful to think about the commitment scheme covered in discussion section).

[Prompt 2] In lecture this week, we discussed the difference between Pay-to-Script-Hash and Pay-to-Pub-Key-Hash. Explain a specific example of a situation in which you would use each of the types transactions. Include as much detail as possible, and provide reasoning.

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