Joan Drury Award Nomination Form
The Joan Drury Award selection committee invites nominations for individuals and businesses/organizations in Cook County who meet at least one of the award criteria. This committee is composed of family and friends of Joan Drury as well as representatives from the Violence Prevention Center staff and board of directors. The top nominations from each category will be highlighted at this year’s award ceremony with one recipient chosen for the individual award and one recipient chosen for the business award. We anticipate receiving many nominations for both categories so please be detailed in your nomination. Feel free to have a conversation with the nominee. This will be a wonderful opportunity to compliment their dedication and provide our committee with a thorough nomination.

Please contact Rachael at the Violence Prevention Center with any questions: or 218-387-1237.
Criteria for Nominations: Please read through each item and select all that apply on the next question.
Volunteerism: Values volunteering as a commitment to engage in the work of individual and community safety within their area of interest and influence. Works within their community to foster peace, justice, and equity for women and girls, and builds the capacity to transform violence.

Community Commitment: Has a willingness to take leadership roles and challenging positions to improve the lives of individuals and families in the community, understanding that change requires tenacity, continuity, and a willingness to challenge what has been done.

Promotes Education, Awareness, and Outreach: Participates in education, awareness and outreach activities that increase the potential for peaceful and just communities. Supports ideas and potential resources to promote current and expanded programs and service to persons who have been subjected to domestic and sexual violence and/or human trafficking.

Personal Awareness: Continues to seek out lifelong learning opportunities as a way to increase personal and community awareness related to gender, equity, justice and privilege.

Philanthropy: Advocates for or supplies financial resources in a way that acknowledges the inherent dignity of survivors as well as leverages opportunities for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or human trafficking.
To highlight Joan’s outstanding commitment to our mission and ending gender-based violence, the Violence Prevention Center is seeking to annually recognize one individual and one business or organization who exemplify at least one of the following. Select all that apply:
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Thank you for completing this nomination form. What happens next? The selection committee will review all nominations and select the top nominations from each category to be highlighted at an award ceremony. At the award ceremony, the recipient of each award will be recognized. Any further questions or comments can be directed to Rachael at the Violence Prevention Center: and 218-387-1237.
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