Incident Response Simulation Form "CODE RED"
Hey, don't panic but there's been an incident.

Well, not really but if it were, we are here to help you find the right way to respond to that sentence. 

Imagine being thrust into the heart of a cyber battlefield. Here you're not just a spectator, you are commander-in-chief! Code Red is your golden ticket to a journey through the trenches of a medium-sized Fintech that's under siege. This is your call to immerse yourself into a cybersecurity incident simulation, solve it and protect your company.

But don't you worry, you won't be alone – you'll be part of an elite team of CEOs, CISOs, CCOs or CMOs.

In other words, during the event you will be thrown into a cyber security incident simulation with a team of C level professionals. By using your skills and collaborating, your company will have to find a way out of the incident. 

Rumor has it: collaborating with the other sectors, is just as frustrating as it is in real life.

The event will be hosted on the 21st of September at ROCKIT Vilnius. 

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