Centennial's Middle School Pools
I would like to solicit your input because the Centennial School District is preparing to make a decision about the future of the pools at both Log and Klinger. The options listed below are not our only choices available, but they are the ones that were presented to us at the School Board Meeting on 3/13. This survey is not being put through the Centennial School District. This is a personal attempt to gather information before we must make a decision. The results of this survey will be shared with the board for the purpose of information.

Here are the possible options:

1. Fully restore the 2 pools (Cost 2,500,000 for each pool)
2. Fill in the pools and create Flex Space for other school activities (Cost 2,000,000 each)
3. Fill in the pools for now with the intention to turn the areas into Flex Space at a later date ($450K each)

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