Black Student Alliance 2018-2019 Executive Board Application
Thank you for your interest in serving on the 2018-2019 Black Student Alliance Executive Board. Our organization is invested in ensuring that Black students feel adequately supported and welcomed on Duke University's campus, and advocates for the needs expressed by our constituents. We advocate for Black people and serve to strengthen the community of Black people on and off Duke's campus. Your application signifies that you hold these values dear.

The following form is an application for the 2018-2019 Black Student Alliance Executive Board. Please note that the responses you provide for these questions will be publicly displayed in order to acquaint the community with you and the other candidates for Executive board positions. As such, be sure to fill out each question thoughtfully and carefully.

Elected positions are positions that will be filled by a vote from the general body. Appointed positions will be filled by a decision of the current executive board after an interview with said board.

The elected positions include: President, Vice President, Director of Social and Academic Engagement, one (1) Director of Programming, and one (1) Director of Communications.

The appointed positions include: Director of Finance, Historian, one (1) Director of Programming and one (1) Director of Communications.

Note that students who are not elected to Director of Programming or Director of Communications are eligible for appointment for the same positions after interviewing with the board.

Timeline of Elections:

Your completed application is due by Wednesday, March 14th at 11:59 PM. Your responses to the following questions about your aspirations with BSA along with a head-shot will be uploaded to the BSA website for review by the community.

On March 22nd, BSA will host an election forum, which you as a candidate must attend.

Interviews for appointed positions will be completed by March 27th.

The new board will have been decided and announced by March 28th.

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Long-Form Application Questions
The following questions will help us and the general body learn who you are as a leader and how you hope to contribute to this community. Note that your answers must be beneath a 250-word limit. It is advisable that you write your answers in a separate word processor and paste them into the answer spaces here. These responses will be made public to the voting general body.
Name an event that BSA had that you enjoyed or think could have been improved. Explain why so for either. *
How will your presence in the role you are seeking benefit the organization and its constituents? How do your goals coincide with the goals of the organization? *
What leadership experiences have you had that you believe will most benefit you in the position you seek to hold? *
BSA strives to be an organization that speaks for and represents Blackness and all the identities within it (e.g. Black women, Black LGBTQ+ people, Black people of different ethnicities, etc.). What qualifies you as a well-suited representative for the black student community at Duke given the values of the organization? *
Please upload a headshot to be shared along with your responses. *
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