Hubbard ISD ESSER III: Initial Planning Survey
This survey is designed to capture all public comments for the initial plan of development of ESSER III funds. A portion of these funds must be used to directly address COVID-19 learning loss. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback.
Please identify your role (check all that apply). *
How confident are you that Hubbard ISD students have made sufficient academic progress this year? *
How concerned are you about the student's social-emotional well-being? *
Which subject areas do you feel students of Hubbard ISD need more academic support in next school year?(check all that apply) *
Please list any school facility repairs and/or improvements that you think are necessary. *
Check any technology that you feel the district needs in order to educate your child. *
Please list any other needs or activities that would address students' academic, social, or emotional needs. *
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